Alpha Delta Leadership
The administrative and executive functions of the chapter are delegated to six officers known collectively as the Executive Council. Their titles are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Alumni Secretary, and Herald. The Executive Council works to insure the smooth and effective operation of the chapter. The Council’s duties are summarized as follows: to establish policies, to plan activities, to solve problems, to govern the chapter, and to enforce the rules and regulations the chapter, the Grand Chapter, and the university have adopted. In addition to the Executive Council, duties are also delegated to committees within the chapter.

President – James Gnan

Vice President – Daniel Carlson

Treasurer – Tim Strader

Secretary – Michael Weston

Alumni Secretary – Mark E. Morris

Herald – Austin Evans


Committee Chairmen
The committee system is often seen as the backbone of the fraternity. The chapter’s proper and efficient functioning is heavily dependent upon the operation of the committees. Committees allow each brother to contribute to the chapter, as each brother is required to serve on a committee every year. 

Rush:                                     Zach Martin

New Member Educator:  Wesley Walker
Social:                                  Matt White
Scholarship:                        J.D. Reynolds
AHERO:                               Justin Hammond

Community Service:         Thomas Noland

Philanthropy:                     Jake Horn

ACE Project:                       Miles Hudson
Brotherhood:                     Russell Cros
Chaplain:                           Ben Fowler
House Manager:              Will Brock
Parents’ Club:                   Jake Baron
Risk Manager:                 Charles Tafel
T-Shirt Chair:                   John Perko
Courtesy Chair:               Kirk Thomas

Tailgate Chair:                Sean Galvin